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20 Signs of Spiritual Transformation

  • Love That 521 East Belvedere Avenue Baltimore, MD, 21212 United States (map)

20 Signs of Spiritual Transformation

Join us for an evening of talk on spiritual transformation with Debra Diamond

Have you had a spiritual experience that's led to a shift in your awareness? These range from inexplicable paranormal experiences to mystical and transcendent experiences. There are many types and many seem to result in a shift, whether subtle or full-blown. What are they and more to the point, why are these happening? The veneer between the material world and metaphysical world is shifting and that slippage between the two worlds is happening more frequently. The results include profound events and and an impact on one's spiritual and physical being. What is this force urging us to shift and grow? How to we understand it? And work with it for an easy transition?


Debra is a psychic/medium, author, and healer. Debra offers readings, workshops & healings, and provides remarkable insights in spiritual, financial, family, career, and medical issues. She has the gift to assist others in the spiritual process and works with all aspects of Spirit. Debra is the author of Life After Near Death: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People with Newfound Powers.


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